garden supports New Oak Supports

The need to extend the oak climber support was brought about by the loss of a large Oak tree

that leaves us exposed on the westerly side.

We have a flourishing Holboellia Latifolia on the house and extra support would give more space for this rather eager plant.

The paving adjacent to the house is circular making it desirable to curve the support to follow its line. Today is the the first day I could find for the project and began by using the edge of the paving as a former for the four strips of green oak to take up the correct curve. When held in place they were bolted firmly together to maintain shape.

I need to prepare three posts and six corbels to hold this up around 2.1M high, extending stucture and form in the garden.

They now await another day and their fine oak posts and final assembly next week

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work in progress

work in progress

the garden

the garden


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