detail from the new garden TriptychNew beginning

I have a round topped canvas, to which I added two square wings.

garden path paintingA recent drawing excursion to Great Dixter in Kent revived interest in the garden as a subject.

violinist detailLively charcoal

A wonderful medium. Charcoal allows vigor to shine through

Wedding flowers

 Always good to keep a wide angle on artistic exercise, so when asked about helping with wedding flowers I was happy to oblige.

Braque bird 2

Braque Bird stage 2

After cutting this Braque inspired shape from a 5cm thick baulk of English Oak I studied it for some time. Carving direct gives you one chance and one chance only so think first cut later.

Braque Bird

Homage to Geoges Braque

This piece has been fermenting at the back of my mind for some time. My son offering me the perfect piece of local air dried Oak I needed for the project, moved it from idea to reality. 

making good


The new work is good. Much of it has been abandoned becauce it did not have a genuine sense of now. It was the past.


Initial ideas 

Here is an early sketch in ink and white gouache on coated paper (gloss) to map the possibilities of a new picture. The idea is a shop, a shoe shop with people looking at themselves in new shoes, trying shoes etc. its an observation of the phenomena, with some eight figures engaged, along with a mirror reflection.


The real HonorĂ© Daumier

I have always admired Daumier. Part of that respect for the great man was this copy of his 'Mountebanks' I made more than a decade ago and today, I saw the original for the first time.

under the sky

This is a third stage revision of a sleeping figure. 

After much thoughtful drawing to revisualize the form, the drawing was squared up and transferred to the canvas.

on yellow

These two are a work in progress. Much here that appeals and much to do. 

Always the pain of making decisions, I find if I leave it long enough the way ahead will become apparant.