This sort of pencil drawing has become the main sort of background preparation for the larger paintings.


testing - testing


Still I work on variations.

Flirting with light is a change from flat pattern.

Using watercolour constricts and exposes at the same time, limited by technical boundaries that in turn push levels of creativity I can slowly evolve.

Nothing happens quickly.


A new watercolour

Around 75cm square, this required some changes and alterations to increase the size so dramatically and keep it interesting.


The return of the guardian angels!

years ago these sentinels appeared a number of times in my work - and here they are again.


All colours and no shadows.

Painting form without shadow is quite liberating, colour certainly plays a new role in many places and the volume can be increased without a detrimental effect.


Here are the embryonic ideas that may develop into a new 'Cafe' oil painting. This large watercolour sketch contains the gist of what is wanted, but not in the right quantities.


 . . . . with journeys and paintings there is only movement when there is enough motivation to believe that arrival is worth the effort.

happy day

Dance for joy

This little piece (15x15cm) is from a new set of watercolours to be included in the May 4&6 show. So much exuberance from such a small sheet!

hill Town

The piece here could be finished, yes it is finished, is it?

dark water

Extraordinary watercolours

Cosimo 01

More Piero di Cosimo