Cosimo 01

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Watercolour is prone to dominate the user. It makes the artist subserviant to technique and that in turn undermines creativity and exploratory work.

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W/C square

Interface is a relationship between items,

on the water

Figures are demanding,

cosimo watercolour

Piero di Cosimo

watercolour Scarland

Two half figures in watercolour

How to lift the sense of person and moment by removing recognizable form is a constant target. This small piece carries some interesting triggers for our sub-consciousness that can deliver a reasonably clear message to our senses.

Part of a series of small watercolours painted for my re-entry into work on a serious front.

Playfulness is essential to allow subconcious material to surface in a natural way, unforced and unpretentious. 


Tryst (a work in progress). The fact is that natural development proceeds slowly. Some small sculptures of heads were made directly from drawings that related to the 'psalm' project,