Bringing it all together

Time comes when I'm ready to do more work on 'Gardeners'. Of late I follow a sixth sense when to work on pictures, after days or weeks I feel it may be possible to approach the canvas, it may be possible to put out some suitable colours - whereas at other time I have no sense of opportunity, no idea how to engage with the paint surface. 

I usually commence with a simple task, a small readjustment and gradually I sense connection and become bolder, more engaged with what is required. I began defining the 'seed sowers' hands - without overstating correctness. I then began lifting the colour of some blooms and adding some more, brightening the birds and repainting the sky with a cobalt tint. As happen so often I'm surprised when it's finished, suddenly there is nothing more to do.

I plan to make a frame, black with some decorative highlights, but with Covid raging out there I'm loathe to go rummaging round woodyards at present so it is on hold for the moment. I'm happy the work is done.