Variations on a theme

The final version of Park posted here on the 12 October '20 spawned a number of studies and variations. Early in the work were a series of gestural sketches with gloss black on coated paper a few of which are shown here. These, without any real reference to anatomical correctness, just carry the sense of being, that glimpse the tells everything to the sub-conscious.

With an array of these figures I went on with a range of ideas as documented in the earlier post (Park) as well as a pair of gouache images of two figures. At the time of making these version ore little regarded as significant, they are means to an end, working pieces to determine the way ahead. 

The more the figure is explored the better I understand the possibilities. The long gestation of 'One Fine Day' is a matter of a journey within possibility. The central tree form that dominated earlier version hindered progress and only late on did I paint it our all together. Turning the path into a stream was a radical move but such moves are part of the journey and the confidence to make such changes come over time spent with progressive confidence in the concept.