Where a picture begins

The brief to myself was 'some figures in a landscape' and with that I began the journey. Looking at books I came across The Embarkation for Cythera by Jean-Antoine Watteau which I rather liked so did a rough grisaille copy using emulsion paint on hardboard.

This I thought a start, propped it up in the studio for a week and did other things

After a couple more draft copies of my copy I decided to drop the upper group and keep my addition of the path exit at top right that is not in the original.

After further layout sketches I left it overnight.

I began work on a procession in pencil and came up with this.


This worked for me, so went on to integrate it with the landscape, but ran into problems until I thought of Chinese watercolour style that might be useful.

Only then did I think of Albrecht Altdorfer b1480 and pulled out my book of his landscape in his distinctive northern style, perfect.

I promptly did this charcoal as appointed to the way ahead.