When it's time to make changes

A few years ago I constructed a small, rather eccentric frame for an image 20cm square. For this I painted a gouache on paper of some naturalistic forms that I called 'secret garden'. 

It was one of those all right, 'also ran' pieces that was moved from pillar to post in the studio store. I thought it was time to make some changes. First I removed the triangular finials and fitted balls instead making it softer, less spikey. The gouache and the glass came out and were discarded to make way for a new panel with canvas applied, primed ready for oil paint.

After painting the frame off white I roughed in a small three piece band and a singer on the canvas. 

I found some images of old French puppet theatres that looked interesting and began to reinterpret it for my little frame. This was an amusement, it had to be kept loose, I looked at John Piper and his interpretation of architectural monuments to refresh my memory of how he managed these things. 

I removed the band and roughed in a single singer with stage and curtain as you see below.

Altogether better. Some tidying up to do, colour of dress robe reviewed etc.