Gestation continued

On February 2nd I posted a story entitled 'Gestation time', it presented the groundwork for a new picture based on a classic piece by Jean-Antoine Watteau, The work has continued with some more drawings and has progressed to a beginning on the final work.

Working from the final drawing shown of Feb 2, I made a colour sketch to judge its worth and to visualise the idea, in this one I adopted the approximate colours used by Albrecht Altdorfer in a another painting from the period. I waited. 

After a week or so I stepped away from the Albrecht Altdorfer direction and made other drawing freely to test the water, here are a couple of these experiments.

I was inclined to return to the fhe figure grouping of Feb 2 and made a couple more attempts 

The monochrome sketch seemed to contain most promise and with a number of my variations before me I laid out a new version on a grey painted canvas rapidly with liquid colours to transfer my sub-conscious awareness of what I knew by now. I stood back and saw an extremely loose version of the scheme and sufficiently true to my thinking. After this dried I worked into it as well as possible in the same frame of thinking as shown below. There is yet more to do.