Celestial Players

A piece that has been maturing most of this year, that now I believe, has reached a conclusion.

Flying figures have often cropped up in my work over the years, maybe deeply embedded in my sub conscious by a book I read at Primary School about a boy who found he could fly and promptly flew out of school, that stuck with me!

At the beginning I knew they would be musicians and I know I wanted colour, full colour. and thus it developed month by month. How to read the picture is more difficult - I do not set out with a 'message' to convey beforehand, but things drawn from deep within do carry significant markers.

It strongly conveys a joyous lightness, a moving from darkness into light with effortless movement. This unearthly lightness gives it at once a heavenly feel that I am happy to endorse. More than that I cannot say.

At about 1.5 M wide it's a statement piece that even for me, it continues to intrigue.