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 Here is the almost finished Bosch Triptych. 

A while ago I made a fireplace for the Upton House dolls house project and at the time offered to do a picture as well. They have in the Picture gallery a version of the Bosch Nativity that hangs in Madrid and, having a fascination for this piece, offered to do a copy.

I made the frame first. This proved rather more difficult than I thought. Starting with the frame moulding I 'ran' some plaster section about 5mm wide with a rebate to accept the picture. When these were dry I assembled them on a board cutting the mitres with a hacksaw, this I filled and polished ready to make a mould. With liquid silicone rubber I made a mould, released it from the plaster form and cast the resin frames. These I cleaned and laid with metal gold leaf followed by some oil wash as a distressed finish. All this took a while

The picture is painted in oil on thick primed paper. Building it up gently I defined colours zones slowly to create the illusion. Close up it is impressionistic - it had to be because that is how I work, I have not the minute brushes or the patience of a miniaturist!

But for me (and the NT curator) it works fine


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