Ladies Room

Monday saw me drawing at Horstead Keynes Railway Station. I was responding to natural symmetry in things, placements and architecture. Mostly where a centre line occurs and a reflection of both halves was present. I went into a small waiting room with an octagonal table in the centre and four chairs. A picture hung on a central chimney breast above a fireplace, all balanced perfectly. I drew it a number of times. 

Today I went to enquire about selling some art books, It appears they are all but worthless, without interest. Returning home I resolved to read them all again . . .  and relish them. I start with Agnes Martin and her extraordinary humility and approach to inspiration. How lovely to read.

This watercolour is an extension of Mondays drawing. it has no pretension. I seek calm and balance in form and colour. Painting without regard to value - only a symmetry of thought and hand.