Picnic in the Car

For artists, the problem with cars is the speed at which they date and thus they date ones work, but cars are a central feature of our lives and we live out many dramas within them.

I have often attempted to find pictorial solutions to this problem over the 30yrs I’ve worked as an artist, this picnic picture is my latest effort. Effort is indeed the word for many drawings paved the way for this gouache as well as a laboured watercolour that failed through overwork. This gouache was an attack that saw radical change to the earlier configuration of people and colours. 

The last radical change was to paint the seat pale mauve over a dirty green, these big movements are felt, and need to be listened to and obeyed.

I like the mechanical probability alongside the pictorial impossibility.

Gouache is a favourite medium that allows quick-fire changes changes of colour and tone playing into hands of a constantly remodelling mind.