Girl with an Echeveria 2

Following on from the development drawing stage in 'Echeveria 1' I took up the last pencil drawing (#7) an proceeded with a gouache painting on a piece of unstretched 315gsm smooth print paper. By painting bold colours, drying, more bold colours and the scraping back I can develop an interesting base to start work on. Review and revision happen next - it's called painting.  When I'm happy I clean up and leave it overnight, things look different the next day.

This is the pencil drawing #7, notice I've introduced a new table on the left with a pot and redrawn the figure.


below is the finished piece - its brave and bold and devoid of fuss and fiddle. I resisted the need to add features to the face deeming the body language sufficient to carry the mood. The colour is fresh and the balance and distribution are pleasing to my eye.