a new version in oil

Really I have not been happy with the figure arrangements in the many previous efforts with this idea. The efforts (see an earlier post) were to prepare myself for a larger canvas I had ready that was painted in a strong Indian Yellow. My main problem in preparation were the two foreground figures, the girl in the front was just too 'limp' and the other did not seem to connect with the whole.

I make a couple of mediocre pencil drawings, one of which reminded me of Tintoretto, I pull out an old book of Tintoretto drawings, paintings and compositions and flicked through it, most are of course lively and powerful, with his trademark originality of design, I put it away.

The vigour of execution sparks in my thinking, with a couple of preferred drawing close by I put the .8x1.2M  canvas on the easel and mix some Burnt Sienna, Cadmium Red and Black on my glass palette.Then, first with rag (bit of old shirt) then with a rigger I sketch out directly onto the canvas a new version. I quite liked the energy in this, even with some obvious anatomical slip ups, but as a freehand piece from my imagination it will be a useful launchpad. I may do some gender swaps, gentle revisions, while keeping a liveliness Tintoretto would approve of.