making changes


to freshen up the creative process I reverted to 3D sketcking - it wakes up playfulness and enjoyment. It removes preciousness, It makes me smile.

I went through the recycle bin, found the glue gun and some scissors and got to work.

(Who doesn't remember pictures of Picasso painting alongside crazy models he had made.)

the process revolves around - make a model - paint the model - make a model from the painting - paint the new model etc

but no rule must rule in creativity

maybe just playing again will free the mind 

Monday I'll go back to painting or drawing toes if the log-jam is freed


they're 25cm tall, very spontaneous, taking about 30-40 min to make

made without a plan, they appear on their own accord.

the madder the better

this is serious expansion of vision - what matters is what one does with this visitation of newness.