beginning 'The Orchard'

This is an oil sketch of an idea. 

By now, quite a developed idea, as this is the third version and around 40cm square.

the final destination canvas is 1.2 M wide

In the end I am looking at a harvest celebration with many figures working, feasting and dancing - but first I need establish a stage for them. This stage must have a colour temperature and range for the figures to inhabit. I need to decide the degree of ‘flatness’ to the picture plane and its tonal range.

For me this test piece holds the answers to most, if not all of those questions.

I lack figure compositions for the various activities and the colour range for the figures that I would like to be distinct from their ‘stage’

The flavour is distinctly eastern, one that betrays my diet of traditional oriental material over recent months - it has brought me this lightness and beauty that I love to be immersed in. More to follow.