Picnic in the Car developments

Following the basic drawing on the new canvas I needed to establish a colour palette that would make use of the yellow underpainting. The previous post on this picture show a dark red umber used to establish tonal darks. While this worked well as a strong contrast it became a little overbearing.

While looking at an Indian Fabric Source Book I had recently acquired from the V&A I came across an Uttaradbyaganasutra Manuscript from 1460 with the illustration (below).  I saw potential here for fresh colour combinations that were perfect, colours I would not intuitively mix. This is no new trick - I've found in the past the benefit of borrowing just the colours from earlier masters, with 1460 India the latest inspiration.  


I quickly repainted the main background areas with a suitable red, and began to tentatively add in some of the other colours. No easy matter with unfamiliar colours.

Some figures have been revised and improved, and now it dries on the studio wall (see bottom picture). I like time to meditate on the work over time, there will come a day when I feel an impulse to proceed with the work along with a clear idea what must be done, and I will pause again when that clarity passes.