developments in oil on canvas

Here is progress so far on an 80x60cm canvas. I continue to make real efforts to step into new ways of working. As mentioned before I am interested in old Persian, Indian and Japanese fabric designs that incorporate colours and motifs that are a delight to the eye. Here I've selected a 50's UK pattern to use as a backdrop to incorporate in the piece. At any one time I only know how it looks now. From that moment I look forward, trying to visualise what is required. Each move must be bold, no room for tinkering, each move must be right and self evidently right when done.

I do not allow myself to revert to the conventional, or at least my own safe recipes, though you may catch a whiff of Matisse and the 14C Ambrogio Lorenzetti (see below) in what I do . I seem to spend more time with the ancients - even listening to the 12C Perotin all day today - these days, they are my preferred diet.

This oil has been in progress for 2 or 3 months now - speeding up now as I can see with a little more clarity.  


here is Ambrogio Lorenzetti . . . .