seeing eyes

There ia an artistic tradition to see beauty in the mundane . . . Turner, Monet and Sickert were famous for homing in on the industrial and the contemporary scene. Our contemporary shopping halls that we call 'supermarkets' are a remarkable catchment zone for people of all sorts as they are funnelled through the checkouts. I've observed these carefully and some twenty years ago painted a large oil of a 'checkout' albeit a rather strange checkout. The dress code, the goods and the flying figures are very much of my own imagination - but made a memorable piece of work.


My next venture into the supermarket a little later, when during a venture I called 'the 40 days',  I made a small wooden sculpture of a supermarket checkout. It measured some 50cm long and taken from a single piece of oak, it made an elegant appearance, like a period instrument of a musical nature. Sadly I discarded it when my interest waned but looking back that was a mistake, I wish I had kept it.

I am currently working on a large oil on the supermarket theme . . of which at present I have some hopes . . . but pictures are easy to start and I find them notoriously difficult to finish. 

This gouache study was energetic, but did not seem to hold the the particular idea I had in mind. It was too chaotic, I wanted more of the sublime feel that suffused from that earlier work. I want to add in a peace that is more than a practiced mindfulness - perhaps an infinite infusion of the divine into these contemporary halls that we frequent with such regularity.