a long story

My affinity with shops and shoppers goes back a long way, this watercolour of a department store probably dates back 30years when department stores were flourishing and I caught sight of a wide space. The idea was born and many more pictures of retail spaces would follow.

My recent forage into supermarkets continues this interest with new treatments of space and idea. I wanted to escape the traditional western perspective that I so carefully executed in this old watercolour. My experimental paper model was resorted to in order to break old habits along with a current interest in Persian art. With the model I could rearrange the parts in a different way, trying to maintain the elements while reducing the clutter, freeing up the essence of the space.

The final picture (for now) has a gentle poetry that overlays our usual rather frantic experience of a food shop. The execution is equally simple in order to maximise the calm, along with oil used in places more in the manner of watercolour and a composition filled with order and repetition. I am still adjusting to this piece, taking time to understand what has been achieved here before moving on.