7th Century Poetry

I'm drawn to poetry - old poetry, I remember reading Spencers 'Farie Queen' that contained amazing graphic imagery that I tried to draw, but did not manage. Then John Donne invited me in with 'Anniversarie', The Coronet, and 'Good Friday, riding westward' these all spoke to me quite deeply. I have a series of seven small abstract watercolours taken from 'the Coronet' that hang here by my desk.

Recently while looking at Anglo Saxon Poetry I encountered Cædmon Hymn, a short piece by a Northumbrian herdsman around 670 that has a wild grandure and when sung by Lukas Papenfusscline in old English, is truly captivating.  click the image to a new window and the youtube video

 . . . . of the lyrics there are a number of translations . . I prefer this one by Ashley Winans

Now we must praise         the Protector of the heavenly kingdom,

the might of the Measurer          and his Mind's purpose,

the work of the father of Glory,          as he for each of the wonders,

the eternal Lord,          established a beginning.

He shaped first

heaven as a roof,          the Holy Maker;

then         , makind's Guardian,

the eternal Lord,          made afterwards, solid ground for men,         the almighty Lord.


Now what can I do with this material . . this currently outdated mindset . . . .that I still revel in . . . sets my very being in quite a quiver.

I take comfort that it was constructed by a cowman, and as a retired carpenter perhaps - with help - I can communicate something.  

This may take a while.