Drawing is about feeling

The making of drawings can easily be a vehicle for cleverness, the common admission that 'I can't draw' flows from the notion that drawing is a 'clever' thing, and I too, find myself impressed by virtuoso drawings.

But for me, drawing is about two things, discovery and communication. 

To look at or think about something and draw it is to understand it, for the eye/mind to embrace it, to know it, and then the drawing will be full of that journey. Then drawing is about communicating the sensation of that embrace. To have ones mind filled with a notion and then draw is the way, to think about making a good drawing is not the way.

Shown here is a simple coloured drawing (1990) of two people, elevated, seeing a long way. That's all. It's enough. It communicates the sensation.

As is often the case these themes recur as I consider a drawing, as it did this afternoon, with a lovely sheet of soft grey paper in front of me.

I scribbled an idea of two figures thus

 . . . and then made my drawing - thinking of my feet on that rock and the wind in my face. it took two or three minutes.

Then it took me two or three hours to believe in it.

I did another, a better one, it took longer but by no means better at communicating feeling. 

People looking for virtuosity in a drawing will not 'get' it. Those who have stood on a rock with someone will get it straight away.

I make no apology for it, it creeps inside me and speaks to me, for that its a good drawing.