When solitude speaks 

Some years ago I painted a series of woodland pictures under the title of ‘Standing Water’ and more recently I wrote a meditation while sitting in an early spring woodland, the contrast in my mindset on these occasions, I believe, points me forwards.

While the ’Standing water’ pieces required my deep emotional and conscious immersion into the woodland space in order to imbibe colour and form before I could exhale it in a pigmented form, it was still a trick, a methodology to stimulate new watercolours, which indeed it did.

During my more recent visit to the woods in 2018 I wrote (mostly) and painted (a little) in an experiment of a different kind. This time there was no plan, except to be receptive of what the wood would give me, there was no commercial sub text. Rather than my previous intention to harvest saleable material from the passive woodland, this time I was giving myself to the woodland in order to feel is heartbeat.    (see previous post  Solitude )

After 2hours or so I wrote ‘I experienced a profundity with a grandeur my faith recognises as the handiwork of a familiar hand’ . . and later added ‘There is a natural wisdom in this woodland - while it suffers death and decay it lives still according to its deep connection with its own makers hand’  Now this chimes with my current desire to fuse a living faith and the creative spirit within me  . . . and to do away with compartments in my thinking, now to live and work in accord with my own makers hand.

Perhaps T.S.Eliot was in this zone when he wrote ‘we shall not cease from exploration, And the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started, and know the place for the first time.