This is a piece called Susa.

It’s deeply coded and until now I saw no reason to decode it.


It is a picture of three figures at a banquet. (see below)

Look closely and it is slightly three dimensional, three panels roughly hinged together and a flat ‘table’ wired to the bottom.


The narrative for this piece is Biblical, Esther 7 where  King Xerxes, represented in the centre panel, the noble Queen Esther on the left and the diabolical Haman on the right, all seated at a banquet set by Esther for the revelation that she is a Jewess. This bombshell was a bold move at that moment.

She survived.    (read the book}


I too want the freedom to engage in work and life that acknowledges The Living God as the source of my creativity and passion for every day. That Jesus Christ is everything to me.

I so want this joy to flood into every part of my life and at 72 why not? 

So, from now on, less coding, more praise, less complication!