drawing by John Scarland This is an initial drawing in red ochre

Crab sandwich

This is an initial drawing in red ochre on a 1.2M canvas.

I try to unravel my thinking as to why I drew it, but fail to reach any concrete reason or purpose. It’s a classic ‘scarland’ composition that comes to my mind, an interactive group of figures in a simple harmonious setting. There is to my mind nothing more complicated than that, the fact that they interlock and balance out in an asymmetrical fashion reflects the social interaction intended.

I just like to create.

The narrative is of endless possibilities and the composition has no known backstory.

The two roughly horizontal shipped oars and the vertical pennant are important structural lines that steady the somewhat overcrowded boat.

I have painted the water in a pale ‘melon’ green as a launchpad for colours to follow but just how I am not sure . . . I have open a book of 12C book text illuminations . . . . maybe a help, maybe not.

Keeping an open mind is key. Allowing the spirit to lead prevents predictability of treatment  . . while developing a classic theme.

Drawing by John Scarland