a table, looking south

My plan was for a large canvas, 1.5M wide, something almost panoramic one could stand in front of and be part of it, it would envelop you in a nice way. I needed it to be warm and spacious, so it had to be outside in the sun. I made a pencil drawing (below) that seemed to tick all the boxes, I love work tables, and this one is in a garden, slightly run down but loved, or that's what I put into the drawing and that's what I would try to paint 

There were several sessions on this canvas, one to establish basic colour values, just to colour the white canvas. Next to find a sky that would imbue the whole with high summer, this then glazed with a thin magenta for extra effect. Later I roughed in the sheds and greenhouse and the middle distance and lifting the foreground to keep it up with the rest. Last I painted the table and a litter of books and flowers as one would have in such a place.

It is a painting of pure hedonistic pleasure.

The chair of course is empty, it waits for you.