Where the work begins

Life condensed into a seaside chalet in real, it's the essentials. That momentary cessation of pressure.

I've never had one but am always drawn to them, especially when they are in use with the doors flung open and extended families spilling out on to public spaces. I have in past years painted them and it's no surprise that I return to them when casting around for a subject.

The the question is 'how' to arrange things. I always work from memory, conjuring up figures and dismissing them, moving limbs and postures to suit my whim. I need something refined in an unrefined way, where natural looks interesting, poised and balanced in an asymmetrical way - not always easy. So I work through a series of drawings, changing medium, changing sizes, searching for elements that work, ditching the cute and saving the quality.

I have arrived at this point. Probably enough to switch to oil, as yet unresolved, but resolved enough for me to proceed.

It may be it needs more 'compression' more 'cheek by jowl', we work on . . . .