Progress with 'the Gardeners'

This piece has been resting on the studio wall now for over a month and today I felt able to work on it, I had the time and the inclination. I have, on occasions, referred to the Persian 1560 Shiraz style painting 'Rastam slays the Demon Barkhyas', this was a source inspiration for style and colours as becomes apparent when viewed side by side.

I have been able to progress the figures and adjust the ground colour a little less pink. The central sundial has received attention with new colours and a couple of birds. The colours are not quite so saturated as I see them on my screen, but still lively enough!

The piece is, I think, established and I am now able to return later with adjustments to the general balance without picking and fussing. My next consideration is the frame design that needs to be addressed, I have a few scribbles on scrap cardboard that will be developed in due course.