A thumbnail version of the painting Dove   Three years in the making

The very first of these studio stories was about this picture and it was posted on the 18 November 2017. For months it was lodged in the studio, I caught sight of it from time to time, and did not dislike it. After a year I made some adjustments to it and a while after that I made a small grey frame for it and was propped up in this office for another year or so while I looked at. 

There is a form at the top that could be a dove. Of course the descending dove connects with John the Baptist and the baptism of Christ in the river Jordan where the Holy Spirit appears in the form of a dove, but this is obviously not Jesus Christ in my picture, it's all more vegetable than human. Im not unhappy about the form of a dove (Holy Spirit) appearing in the picture and there seems to be quite an enthusiastic welcoming party below. I like the idea . . . . so I picked it up again in the summer and did some more work on it. 

So often a picture that is not finished is painted over. Many are. This one survived. It's  a quiet piece, it's subdued in colour and gentle in tone like the gentle dew from heaven.

It's finished now.