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Troilus and Criseyde 01 5 Dec 2020
Troilus and Criseyde 01
Troilus and Criseyde 01 Gallery: music and dance Description: Ref No 2050 - Medium : Indian ink - Price : £75.00 unframed This is Troilus and Criseyde 01 and it measures 17 x 17cm Sketched at a time I was reading this classic tale retold by Chaucer. I had by me a gallon of Indian Ink, yes thats 5 litres! It was the best, intense and rich, my current half litre bottle is so poor by comparison. Sketching with a brush full of indian ink is a high risk activity - but it can deliver some high impact images like this one. It may be pushing a point but I thought it did have a ‘dancing’ feel to it
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Additional Info File Size: 697.51 KB Dimensions: 900x894 Created: 5 Dec 2020 Updated: 11 Feb 2021