Meeting in the park

A new series of ideas were laid down during March this year with intention of developing them into paintings over a period of time. The first group were done on primed hardboard in emulsion and oil sticks to give an 'immediate' feel and enable the idea to take centre stage. Only the one shown here has progressed to a final state and it depicts three figures in garden setting.


I then developed a series of watercolours to expand the ideas by exploring colours and dynamics. This one continued to interest me even though it was put aside for a few months.

It seems to have lost the third figure and attracted pinks and light emerald greens in the scheme. These are done at some speed to encourage impulse over consideration.

Come August I laid down some base colours for an oil on canvas version and have worked with thought and care to bring it to satisfactory place. Care does not mean slow and careful brushwork, it means care over colour choice and placement keeping a lightness and vigour that is easy to look at.

Knowing when to stop is the age old dilemma - there may be a little more, but I will take time over those final marks.